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Thong vs Throng – Confused between Thong or Throng?

Want to learn the difference between Thong and Throng? Thong vs Throng is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference between these two words.We teach you when to use Thong and when to use Throng.


Word 1: Throng (THRAWNG, THRAHNG)
Meaning 1: A large number of people gathered together in a location.
Example Sentence: As soon as the mall opened, a throng of customers rushed through the doors to get the best deals.

Meaning 2: To gather around or crowd into a location.
Example Sentence: After the class, all the students thronged to the nearest café to have some food.

Word 2: Thong (THAWNG, THAHNG)
Meaning 1: A narrow strip of fabric.
Example Sentence: The girl took a deep breath and let the wind riffle her hair, freeing it from the leather thong.

Meaning 2: A sandal fastened to the foot using narrow strip of fabric.
Example Sentence: The strap of Sarah’s right thong broke and fell off while she was walking in the market place.

Example Sentence using both words:
As a part of his marketing project, Sally surveyed a throng of people at a mall to find out how many guys stepped into the luxurious surroundings with the latest thong sandals.

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