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Tier vs Tire vs Tyre – Confused when to use Tier, Tire or Tyre?

Want to learn the difference Tier, Tire and Tyre? Tier vs Tire vs Tyre is an interesting comparison and you should most certainly learn the difference among these three words.
We teach you when to use Tier,Tire and Tyre.


Word 1: Tier (TEER), Noun/Verb
Meaning 1: Rows or layers of something arranged in an ascending order.
Example Sentence: I sat on the last tier of chairs at the cinema hall.

Meaning 2: To arrange in layers or rows of ascending order.
Example Sentence: The man at the game shop in the fair planned to tier the steel glasses in a triangular shape.

Word 2: Tire(TIGHR)
Meaning 1: To exhaust or lose energy due to some physical activity.
Example Sentence: Regular exercise has boosted my stamina and now I don’t tire out as much as I used toearlier.

Meaning 2: The rubber covering on the wheel covering the air filled tube inside the wheel.
Example Sentence: My cycle had a flat tire because I drove over broken pieces of glass.

Word 3: Tyre(TIGHR)
Meaning 1:  An ancient sea port present in present day Lebanon.
Example Sentence: Huge amount of materials were shipped off the Phoenician port of Tyre in ancient times.

Example Sentence using all the words:
The summer project about the geological importance of tyre really tired me about as I had to look through a tier of books in my school library.

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