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Hi guys!

Before I begin with anything else, I have to mention that we had wonderful results for our first batch of students. We launched our CAT course on August 3, 2017 (right at the fag-end of the season) and the fact that we were able to make a substantial difference to the preparation levels of our students has made us proud as well as relaxed. Our Course Works! No better feeling than that, honestly!

Considering the success of last year, we decide that we need to up our game this year. And the place we have decided to spend maximum energy on the Reading Section of the course.

So, what do we have in store for you? Let’s take you through a guided tour of the key features of the course.

A. Daily Reads accompanied with a Daily RC
We have a daily reads section, consisting of 4 daily reading suggestions which are delivered to you every morning. For these articles, we provide you with the summaries on a daily basis.

And along with these article links and summaries, we have a daily RC for this section. Based on one of these links, we provide you a daily practice RC. The purpose of this simple: to reinforce what you have read with some analytical thinking.

Rest assured, we cover the largest possible breadth of topics in this section.

B. Editor’s Pick Refreshed
Editor’s Pick is one section that students loved the most, and we are completely refreshing this section. What we essentially do in this section is pick up a topic (for example, Politics) and dissect it. This way, we provide you with a subject-wise reading experience.

For example, for Politics itself, we have provided:

  • An exhaustive document consisting of article links and book suggestions
  • Two videos explaining various terms
  • A detailed PDF explaining all the important terms related to politics

And do keep in mind that our course is not about passive transfer of information. We have accompanying classes where we discuss all the above material and make sure you cover the 20 topics in this section with our help.

Please Note: This is not where this ends. Along with the above information for the above topics, we are adding topic-wise RCs as well for all the areas covered in this area. So, as we strongly believe in: got to keep raising the game!

Reading for CAT Lesson
Well, if you thought the reading section of the course had ended with the above, then you were mistaken. We have a special ‘Reading for CAT’ lesson wherein we detail the important concepts and information related to CAT reading. This way, we cover all the bases of the information and skills required by you.

To sum it up:

Well, as the creator of the course, I can proudly say that the Reading section of the course is by far the most comprehensive, exhaustively researched, and detailed reading-related preparation material for CAT. The benefits are obvious:

– Daily touch-points with our Daily Reads
– Opportunity to discuss anything under the sun with us
– Detailed approach for different areas and subjects covering each and every important topic
– We literally run mini-courses on topics such as Politics, sociology, philosophy, etc.
– The purpose of this section is far greater than CAT. We want you to be awesome readers!

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Well, this completes the introduction of ONE SECTION of our COURSE. Seriously, guys, this is just one section of the awesomeness we are building. The sooner you are a part of it, the sooner you can upgrade your skills and enhance your knowledge with us.

Happy Learning and See You Soon..:)

Prashant Chadha AKA Wordpandit

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