Want to know what the Wordpandit VA-RC course is all about?

Well, the course is an extensive one and it does require some detailed description. In fact, the description is so detailed that I had to build a complete PDF for the same. I am just writing this article to explain in brief what the course is all about and make sure you understand what it is all about.

There are eight main parts of the course:

  • Part-1: Reading Comprehension and Reading Lesson for CAT
  • Part-2: Editor’s Pick (topic-wise reading)
  • Part-3: Daily Reads and Daily Reads RCs
  • Part-4: Verbal Reasoning Course
  • Part-5: Grammar Basics, Advanced Grammar, and Grammar Question Bank
  • Part-6: Vocabulary Lesson and Question Bank
  • Part-7: Mock CATs, Non-CAT Mocks, and Verbal Ability Section Tests
  • Part-8: Class sessions (a set of 40 sessions held on the Facebook Class Group)

Each of these parts, in turn, has a detailed description. In the Course Explainer PDF, I have explained each and every minute detail of these lessons and provided you what all is being provided in the course.

If I have to come up with the list of key features for the above lessons, the list is as follows:

  • Extensive RC practice (750+ total RCs in the course) and complete RC concept coverage
  • Daily Reading aids and assistance
  • Comprehensive topic-wise reading experience
  • Complete testing including full-length Mocks, Non-CAT mocks and CAT pattern Verbal Ability section tests
  • Weekly study plans to help you plan your preparation
  • Assured doubt-solving and mentoring for CAT

Well, dig into the Course Explainer PDF to get into the nitty-gritty of the course and in order to understand how we go about things in this course.


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