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We could not pick a simpler topic for today’s Grammar lesson than this, could we?

Well, the simple difference between your and you’re can confound many a soul.

Let’s dig into the difference!

You’re is short for you are.
Your shows that something belongs to you or is related to you (e.g., your bike, your money).

Well, this is a grammatical howler in fact.


You’re is a contraction of you are. This is the one and only one use for it. In case you cannot expand you’re in a sentence to you are, then it is wrong.

Sentence Examples:
The trouble with most jobs is that even if you do well, you’re still a rat in a rat race. (Expands to you are – correct)
Let me when you’re finished with the work. (Expands to you are – correct)


‘Your’ is a possessive pronoun. Possessive? Pronoun? Well, pronouns, to be simply put, are noun substitutions. For example: I, me, he, she, etc. And a possessive pronoun is one that shows ownership or possession of something. For example: my, mine, our etc.

In general, your is used before another word and shows that:

  • it belongs to “you”: your cat, your dog etc.
  • if of “you”: your picture, your photography
  • or is related to “you”: your father-in-law.

In each of the above, the relation to “you” is clear and distinct.

Sentence Examples:
The officer will answer all your questions. (questions belonging to you)
Hitesh doesn’t look like your brother. (related to you)

Test to check your understanding:

  1. I know you’re/your mad at me but please listen to me once.
  2. I am not being able to give an explanation for my actions because you’re/your not willing to listen.
  3. Well, it is all about you’re/your principles.
  4. Hope you’re/your decision is the correct one.


1. you’re

2. you’re

3. your

4. your


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