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Definition & Meaning: Cause/Cuse/Cus Root Word

The root word “Cause/Cuse/Cus” comes from Latin word causa, which means a motive or a cause, i.e. the reason behind something (or an action).
Remember how you used to make ‘excuses’ ‘because’ you didn’t want to get punished during your school days? The root word Cause/Cuse/Cus is very simple and retains its original form and meaning.
We’re talking about these “Cause/Cuse/Cus”.Cause/Cuse/Cus Root Word: Learn words related to word root Cause/Cuse/Cus

Words Based on the Cause/Cuse/Cus Root Word

Following is a list of words based on the Cause/Cuse/Cus Root Word:

1. Cause: To make happen
2. Because: For that reason
3 .Accusable: Can be accused of wrong-doing
4. Accusative: Producing accusations; accusatory
5. Accuser: One who charges another with wrong-doing
6. Accusatory: In the nature of an accusation; as, accusatory evidence
7. Excuse: To attempt to remove the blame; exonerate
8. Excusator: An apologist
9. Excusive: Inclined to excuse; to exonerate
10. Cause: Reason; motive; as, cause for murder
11. Causation: The act of causing; motivation
12. Causeless: Without reason; as, causeless hatred
13. Causable: Can be caused
14. Causal: Relating to motive
15.Causality: Agency; connection between two traders
16. Accuse: To charge with wrong-doing; to blame
17. Accusation: A charge of wrong-doing; as, an accusation of theft
18. Excusable: Can be excused
19. Inexcusable: Cannot be excused

With this, our learning for the lesson on root word “Cause, Cuse, Cus” comes to an end. Hope this session has been an enriching experience for you. Always remember to keep re-revising all the words you learn till the time you master them. Happy learning.

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