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Tips for CDS Exam Preparation

A lot of CDS aspirants don’t get sufficient time to prepare for the exam because of work commitments and the associated shortage of time. We have for you a few tips to help you in your prep journey.
1. Plan Well!
You’ve probably heard the saying, “Well begun is half done”. Well, when it comes to your CDS prep more than half your preparation depends on how you plan your study. You could set a routine, plan which topics you want to cover and when; after doing a thorough study of the syllabus and the most important thing-follow the plan religiously to crack the exam.

2. Know your Syllabus.
A comprehensive list of topics to be covered for the CDS exam is provided on the website. It is your job to go through this syllabus and memorize it if the need arises. The key is to remember what exactly you need to study and have an updated checklist of the completed/pending topics in the computer that is your brain.

3. Stay updated
A major section of CDS includes the General Knowledge section and this is not a subject that can be studied overnight. You need to start preparing as soon as you know you’re giving the CDS. You can start by reading newspapers, watching the news on TV; attend debates and discussions that will enhance your awareness. Your ultimate goal is to be well-versed in a range of topics from government policies, politics, the economy to scientific developments to sports, etc.

4. The Clock is ticking
One valuable weapon that you need to be armed with, not only for CDS Exam, but for any competitive exam, is the art of time management. These tests are generally designed to test your speed. So part of your preparation should include learning to manage time wisely, not just during the paper, but also in terms of the amount of time you assign towards studying each topic, revising it, so and so forth You can find more tips in our article Time Management tips for CDS Exam.

5. Study Topic wise
You should start your CDS preparation topic wise. First complete one subject and then start another one. This trick will help you focus all your attention in gaining expertise in a given subject first. Once you have mastered a subject you can move on to the next. more on single subject to better understand it. This will ensure that you have a structured and methodical manner of studying and you are more likely to retain what you have studied, for longer periods of time

6. Practice makes perfect
Always remember that no amount of practice is too much. You can try UPSC CDS model papers to practice for the exam and revise your concepts. There are also a couple of test series and mock tests available online. Also, check out previous years’ papers for CDS to get a better idea of the exam.

7. Developing the right attitude
You will be applying for the post of an officer, so you need to build a personality befitting that of an officer. You can start by striving to be calmer while making judgments, learning to gauge a situation by looking at it from all perspectives and practicing to become a fair and just person. Your ability to handle difficult/tricky situations will play a major role in your selection to the defence services

8. Positive Attitude and confidence –
All of this being said and done, what is going to matter the most is your ability to stay confident till the exam gets over. It is easy to lose hope when you are preparing for an exam. The key is to develop a positive attitude and keep persevering to attain your goal.

Last Minute Tips for CDS Exam Preparation

You’ve worked hard over the past couple of months. You’ve gone over all the topics, studied, revised, given mock tests and before you realized the CDS exam is just around the corner. We have for you some last minute tips that will help you finish the race with style.
1. Create a comprehensive list of all the important formulas and keep this list handy so that you can go through it and revise whenever you feel like. Post-its , flash-cards, chart paper use any means necessary but make sure you make this list so that you can save on your valuable time that would otherwise be spent searching browsing through different books.
2. Do not start learning a new topic from scratch. What’s done is done. Use this last week to revise the topics you have already studied.
3. Work on your time management skills. Take care not to get stuck on a particular question during the exam. Move to the 2nd, 3rd or 4th question. Attempt the easier questions first.
4. Always remember that every question that you answer wrongly will result in negative marking. So you should be prudent about answering your questions.
5. Also, take Online Mock tests and go through previous years’ papers in order to analyze your final speed and the status of your preparation so that you have a fair idea of what to expect during the actual test.
Hope you find this article useful. Please share it with your friends, community, groups and other students who really need it or prepare for CDS. If you have any suggestions, queries or previous experience with writing the CDS Entrance Exam please comment in the section below.

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