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reading comprehensions for CAT

  • Reading comprehension questions involve reading of a passage of about 300 – 600 words and deriving answers from the passage content..
  • RCs forms an important part of the English Language section. This section mainly focuses on to check the ability to understand the language and the underlying concept of the passage. The main focus should be to have a good command over the language as well as time management.
  • Make sure you attempt these passage on a regular basis and with complete seriousness.
  • Read the passage below and then answer the questions that follow.
  • Once you are finished, click the ‘Get Results’ button below. Any items you have not completed will be marked incorrect.

RC Passage

Psychologists studying race prejudice have many times made an interesting experiment. They seat a few people in a row, show a picture to the first in line, and ask him to whisper a description of it in a few words to the next person who will whisper the information to the third and so on. The picture is of a policeman and a badly dressed, uncouth Negro. The policeman is holding a knife in his hand; the Negro is unarmed. Almost never is the correct description transmitted to more than two or three individuals in succession. The information transmitted describes that the knife is being held in a threatening manner by the Negro. In other words, the picture is transformed until it fits the pre-existing concept in the mind, which is that an open knife is far more likely to beheld by a Negro than by a policeman.

CDS RC: Passage-27

Question 1
The above passage is an attempt to show which one of the following?
Psychologists are experimenting with policemen and criminals
Policemen are holding knives against the Negroes
People go on whispering about what they have seen
We alter all new information to suit our preconceived ideas
Question 1 Explanation: 
Nobody wants to go wrong in front of the world and so they stick on their preconceived notions. All the options other than option (d) are the literal meanings for the passage. It is only option (d) that brings about the real meaning behind these coated words.
Question 2
Which one of the following is correct? The policeman referred to in the passage
is trying to stab a badly dressed Negro
is Sitting in front of a row of people and showing a picture
suffers from racial prejudice
has an open knife
Question 2 Explanation: 
It is clearly stated in the initial lines of the passage.
Question 3
Which one of the following is correct? According to the passage, people generally
like to spread rumours
like to be shown pictures
jump to their conclusions whatever the facts may be
follow the peer group
Question 3 Explanation: 
We know that might is right and the same case follows in case of human nature where each of them jumps to their thoughts without acknowledging other people.
Question 4
What is meant by 'race prejudice, in the passage?
Hatred for an uncouth Negro
Fear of policeman with an open knife
Object of study by psychologists
Whispering campaign against people
Question 4 Explanation: 
Race prejudice means having stereotype thoughts about races. An easy question to deduce because the whole passage talks about how the knife got transferred from the hands of an high official to the hands of a Negro when the case was just vice-versa.
There are 4 questions to complete.
Shaded items are complete.

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