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Origin of the word Celerity
Celerity comes from the Latin root ‘celer-‘, meaning ‘fast, speed, swift, rapid’. Two very common words based on the same root are as follows:
Accelerate: To cause anything in motion or process to go or move faster; speed up.
Decelerate: To diminish the speed of; to cause to go slower.

It should be easy to remember celerity from the above context of the word’s origin.
In case you still need help, just remember the Cheetah. The celerity of a cheetah is mindboggling for sure.

Celerity carries the following dictionary definitions:
1. Swiftness of action or motion; speed.

Usage examples for Celerity:
1. Celerity in work is one attribute that every employer seeks.
2. Celerity is needed when one needs to escape a building on fire or a girlfriend with ire.

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