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Definition & Meaning: Chrom(o) Root Word

Do You Know these interesting facts about the following words with the root word Chrom(o)?
● The element chromium was named because of the brilliant colors of its compounds.
Chromic compounds contain trivalent chromium and are usually green or violet, while divalent chromous ones are usually blue
Chromates contain the group -CrO4 and are usually yellow
chromite is a brownish-black ore of chromium.
Chrom(o) root word is a Greek word which means ‘Color, pigment’
For instance, achromatic means without color; chromium means a blue-white metallic chemical
element and chromatics – the study of color.Chrom(o) Root Word: Learn words related to word root Chrom(o)

Words Based on the Chrom(o) Root Word

Following is a list of words based on the Chrom(o) Root Word:

1. Chroma: Color
2. Chromascope: An instrument showing the effects of color
3. Chromatic: Color; relating to color
4. Chromatic scale: A musical scale of many shades of tone
5. Chromatist: One expert in chromatics
6. Chromosome: A tiny body found in living cells which controls heredity
7. Chromatology: Science of colors
8. Chromatometer: Instrument for measuring color perception
9. Chromatosis : Unnatural pigmentation of the skin
10. Chrome: A pigment; as, chrome yellow; chrome green, etc
11. Chromium: A rust-resisting metal
12. Chromidrosis: An abnormally colored sweat
13. Chromatism: Abnormal coloration of the green parts of plants
14. Chromoblast: An embryonic cell that becomes a pigment cell
15. Chromogenesis: Color production
16. Chromophobic: Difficult to stain
17. Chromophilic: Easy to stain

With this, the lesson on root word “Chrom(o)” comes to an end. Hope you learnt many new and fun words today. Keep revising, Keep learning with Wordpandit.

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