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Give your CLAT preparation an edge with section-wise and mock tests, based on previous years’ actual CLAT papers.

CLAT 2018 will be conducted on 13th May, 2018. This leaves you with just the right amount of time to start practising CLAT mocks. The point is simple, learning concepts or cramming lots of theories won’t do in an actual CLAT exam. You have to spend most of your time in applying whatever you learn to questions and problems.

As per the CLAT pattern you will be required to solve 200 questions in exactly 120 minutes. In this race against time you can ensure the highest level of speed and accuracy by solving mock CLAT, mock AILET and mock SET-Law papers.

CLAT preparation can be easily divided into two phases:

  • Knowledge Acquisition: The phase during which you are learning or revising academic concepts related to General Knowledge, Legal Aptitude, English, Logical Reasoning and Mathematics- all of which comprise the CLAT syllabus.

Let’s say that you understand and learn the concept of ‘theft’ as given under the Indian Penal Code

A person who intends to take dishonestly a movable property out of the possession of any person without the consent of that person, moves that property, is said to have committed theft.

  • Knowledge Implementation: The phase where you start applying whatever you have learnt to a given question or problem. This is the phase where you practise what you’ve learnt. This is the most defining and significant phase because it helps you truly assess where you stand in terms of your preparation.

Now let’s apply the above mentioned concept of ‘theft’ to the given problem

Jasmine gives five of her shawls for dry cleaning. However when she goes to collect them from the dry cleaner, she pays for only three shawls but brings back all five of them without informing the dry cleaner.

Has Jasmine committed theft?

Yes, she has.

If you won’t spend enough time on the second phase- knowledge application, then you will be literally throwing away or wasting the time you have spent on the first phase- knowledge acquisition. I simply cannot stress enough on the importance of practising a CLAT mock test series which is- well defined, updated as per the latest syllabus and pattern and evenly spread out.

Wordpandit’s mock CLAT test series have been created in line with the latest actual CLAT papers, with an objective of exposing you to questions of varying difficulty levels. Questions are designed to test your subject knowledge, to push you out of your comfort zone, to motivate you to do better in the next mock. Wordpandit’s mock CLAT test series will test your knowledge and skill to the hilt by bringing you closest to an actual CLAT exam taking experience.

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