Heard the word coalesce before?
Well, in case you have not, there is no need to worry.
Have a glance at this video:

See the brown and white elements magically infuse into each other to form the favorite sweet of the world: Cadbury chocolate! Well, that process of merging into one another is called coalescing. Lovers also frequently coalesce into one, though the process is temporary!

The dictionary definitions for coalesce are as follows:
1. To grow together; fuse. (verb)
2. To come together so as to form one whole; unite. (verb)

Usage examples for coalesce:
1. It’s important for a team to coalesce and put the best exhibition on show.
2. “Getting Democrats to coalesce behind a particular punishment will be had.”
Newsweek: Capitol Letter: Sacrificing Gary Condit
3. “He said lawmakers could “coalesce” around popular “core elements” of the legislation.” –chicagotribune.com –

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