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The girl in the advert was pretty damn sure what was happening. The one of doubt in her mind passed with the seeing of the blind man’s cane in the guy’s hand. Such confidence is called being ‘cocksure’.

About the origin of the term cocksure we are not all that sure. Its origin is a little suspect.

Masters Tip for Cocksure:

Dead sure about anything?

In that case, you are COCKSURE!

Dictionary Definitions for Cocksure:

1. Perfectly sure  or certain; completely confident in one’s own mind. (adjective)

2. Too certain; overconfident. (adjective)

Usage Examples for Cocksure:

1. Rita was cocksure that she was able to do the cook better than anyone else.

2. He was so cocksure he would win the match that he didn’t even bother to practice.

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