The picture above does a great job in explaining the word. There is nothing more eatable than fruits, is there? Nutritious and healthy, there is nothing more ‘eatable’ or as we should say in dignified English, nothing more ‘comestible’ than fruits.

In terms of usage, comestible in a way is a redundant word as two other words ‘edible’ and ‘eatable’ do pretty much the same job as it does and are used much more commonly that it is.

Comestible carries the following dictionary definitions:
1. Fit to be eaten; edible. (adjective)
2. Something that can be eaten as food. (noun)

Master tips for Comestible:
Simple equate COMESTIBLE  to ‘COME + EDIBLE’.
Thus it is an invitation to edible food (that is eatable food).

Usage examples of Comestible:
1. “The men could hardly figure just how the stuff came to be considered a “comestible,” for it was not palatable.” –History of the 113th Field Artillery 30th Division
2. “It can be taken raw and is therefore a favourite comestible for fast days when cooked food is forbidden.” –The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India Volume II

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