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Question 1: p is six times as large as q. The percent that q is less than p, is

Answers and Explanations


Question 2: If the income of Ram is 12.5% more than that of Shyam, the income of Shyam is less than of Ram by

Answers and Explanations


Question 3: A’s income is 10% more than B’s income. By how much percent is B’s income less than that of A
(a) 100/9%
(b) 100/11%
(c) 10%
(d) 9%

Answers and Explanations


Question 4: The cost price of an article is 40% of the selling price. What percent of the cost price is the selling price ?
(a) 150%
(b) 200%
(c) 220%
(d) 250%

Answers and Explanations

Answer: (d) Let the SP of the article = Rs. 100

⇒ 40% of SP = {100 x (40/100)}

∴ CP = Rs. 40

Question asks about what percent of the cost price is the selling price

∴ Required percentage = {(100/40) x 100} = 250%

Question 5: B got 20% marks less than A. What percent marks did A get more than B ?
(a) 20%
(b) 25%
(c) 12%
(d) 80%

Answers and Explanations

Answers: (b)

Using the formula:

If a number is p % less than other number, then the other number is more than the first number by

{p/(100-p)} x 100 %

p = 20%

Required Percent = {(p/100 – p) x 100}

= {20/(100 – 20)} x 100

= (20/80) x 100 = 25%

Percentages: The Complete Lesson

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