Picture for ConcomitantConcomitant is an adjective meaning an event or situation that happens at the same time or in connection with another. Being called the class nerd is a concomitant of getting good grades in school or college.
The first known use of concomitant has been traced back to 1607 and it has been derived from the Latin word concomitans.

Pronunciation: kon-kom-i-tuhnt, kuhn-

Meanings of Concomitant

1. Following or accompanying as a consequence
2. Occurring with something else, often in a subordinate way

Master’s Tip to Learn Concomitant

The word sounds like con-comitant, comitant which sounds like committed and committed people i.e. couples always stick together. Similarly, concomitant events also stick together and follow each other.

Sentence Examples for Concomitant:

1. Critical recognition is unfortunately not a concomitant of box-office recognition for any movie.
2. Moodiness is a common concomitant of growing up.
3. This sheme will involve an excessive growth of bureaurachy, with its concominant dangers of petty tyranny and corruption.

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