Picture for ConductiveConductive is an adjective used to describe something that conducts, electricity, heat, sound or any other form of energy. In other words, anything that exhibits conductivity can be called to be conductive. Conductive is also used to describe environments or moods. Its origin dates back to 1520-30 and is derived from the Latin word conduct.

Pronunciation: kuhn-duhk-tiv

Meanings of Conductive

1. Possessing the property to conduct
2. Exhibiting conductivity

Master’s Tip to Learn Conductive

Relate it to the conductors that we studies in science, metals and other materials which can transfer electricity. Around us we’ve so many conductors, iron benches, plugs and our own body is a conductor.

Sentence Examples for Conductive:

1. We’ve covered all the conductive materials with plastic, so as to avoid electric shock.
2. The final verdict stabilized the democracy and created an environment conductive to harmony.
Synonyms: Electrical, Inductive, and Magnetic
Antonyms: non-conductive

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