Picture of Confidante

How it is believed that women can never really keep a secret. However, the word confidante says the otherwise, as it’s especially used to address women. It is a noun that men find it hard to digest, when used in conjunction with women.

Origin: Its first known usage dates back to 1162 and has originated from a French word Confidente, which is feminine of confident.

Pronunciation: kon-fi-dant, -dahnt, kon-fi-dant, -dahnt

meaning for Confidante

1) A person to whom secrets are confided or with whom secrets are shared with, especially a woman

Master’s tip to learn Confidante

Confidante can be easily learnt with the help of a word confident, as these words sound alike. Also, You can paint a picture of a confident woman with the word confident with whom you would like to share secrets.

Sentence example for Confidante

1) She is my confidante and the greatest guide. (Noun)
2) I have been looking for a confidante like her all his life. (Noun)
3) As a PR professional she works hard, but works even harder to know her clients, as she acts like a confidante to them. (Noun)

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