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A guess about something based on how it seems and not on proof!

Sometimes people form an opinion about something, may be a person or a thing that is not based on facts. We simple infer a conclusion, just by guessing, this may be based on just having a glimpse of it. The most common mistake we do in our everyday life is we guess about a book, just by looking at the cover, and not actually flipping the pages which might actually change our opinion or decision drastically. These are all examples of conjectures we form in our everyday life.

Pronunciation: kuhn-jek-cher

Meanings of Conjecture:

1. The formation or expression of an opinion or theory without sufficient evidence for proof.
2. An opinion or theory so formed or expressed; guess; speculation.
3. To infer or arrive at (an opinion, conclusion, etc) from incomplete evidence
4. To believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds.
5. Opinion formed on slight evidence; a guess

Master Tip to Learn Conjecture:

Think of wrong decisions we made in life which were not actually based on facts, but were based on mere guess, and we regretted them later. Every decision or opinion in our mind is formed on some sort of speculation, and the foundation process for the same should be really strong. We can’t judge a person just by the cover, that is a seeing him or her. Conclusions about something have to be derived from evidences and facts and in this way we arrive at decisions that seem to be most logical one. So, the gist of this rambling explanation is: DO NOT BASE YOUR JUDGEMENTS ON CONJECTURES!

Sentence Examples for Conjecture:

1. Most sounds evoke conjectures of possible experiences differing from, and more important than, themselves.
2. That the popper books piled in front of me now – like that famous fly of his – are mere conjectures?
3. I have never counted the number of posts in classics in Japan but less than ten chairs, i conjecture

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