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Mnemonic Aid to Learn Connubial

Connubial and nuptial have similar suffix and sound similar.Nuptial has the same meaning as connubial. So it’s easy to remember connubial from nuptial.

The adjective connubial is used to describe something that relates to marriage or to the relationship between husband and wife, such as connubial bliss or a connubial argument about who will take out the trash.


Meanings of Connubial

1.of or relating to marriage or to the relation between a husband and wife
2.A reference to marriage or wedlock

Sentence examples for Connubial:

1. The couple proudly celebrated their 50th anniversary of connubial bliss.
2. Ditch Davey didn’t always convince as the boorish and racist brother, though he was at his best during scenes of connubial dysfunction.
3. No one would have imagined that a small issue could become the reason for such a serious connubial conflict.

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