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Convoluted is a word about ties and knots. It’s about twisting and turning, making coils out of straight ropes and making simple matters complex and hard to understand. Add the layers of intricacy to anything and it becomes convoluted. Always remember: SNAKES can assume a CONVOLUTED shape.

Convoluted carries the following dictionary definitions:
1. Twisted; coiled.
2. Complicated; intricately involved/

Origin of the word Convoluted

Convoluted comes from the Latin root ‘volv-, volu-, -volve, volut-’ meaning ‘bend, curve, turn, turn around, twist, roll’. There are few others based on the same roots:

Circumvolute: Wind or turn in volutions, especially in an inward spiral, as of snail. Remember, circum is root for circle and volute we know stands for twist. So, the word becomes twist in a circle.
Circumvolution: A turning or winding movement around a central axis.

Usage examples for Convoluted:

1. Heena generally adopts a convoluted way of describing a simple event.
2. The matter whether Gay marriages should be allowed in India has been the subject of a long, convoluted legal battle.

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