picture for couch-potato

We have almost all been guilty of doing this, haven’t we?
We have spent numerous hours in front of the television, at times lapping in illogical TV entertainment just to kill time. In a way, the idiot box has made an idiot out of us. And a couch potato too, hasn’t it?

The dictionary definitions for couch potato are as follows:
1. An idler who spends much time on a couch (usually watching television). (noun)

Masters Tip to remember couch potato:
Potatoes lined up on a couch, lapping up the television is the image that comes to one’s mind when one thinks about this word.

Usage Examples for couch potato:
1. Times have becomes such that children these days are addicted to television and have become couch potatoes.
2. Being a couch potato can only induce lethargy in an individual.

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