Picture for CountenanceThe word countenance refers to the appearance or expression of the face. It is a noun. It is also associated with a calm facial expression or an approving face. It is also used as an idiom ‘out of countenance’ which means disconcerted or abashed. It was originally derived from the latin word continentia and its first known usage dates back to 1250-1300.

Pronunciation: koun-tn-uhns

Meanings of Countenance

1. The appearance or expression of the face
2. Calm expression; composure
3. An approving or encouraging expression
4. Obsolete bearing; demeanor

Master’s Tip to Learn Countenance

One can remember countenance by breaking it into counter. When you’re at a counter (selling something) you’ve to maintain a calm expression and smile at all your costumers.

Sentence Examples for Countenance:

1. He has a pleasant countenance that puts visitors at ease.
2. The photograph showed how somber a countenance he has.
3. He was somewhat out of countenance at the prospect of an apology. (Idiom)
4. Their countenance said the story of the disappointing day they have had today.

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