Covert In Context

Covert implies covering something and disguising something. USA’s operation to kill Osama was a COVERT operation. Militaries and armies generally involve themselves in COVERT operations. All illegal activities, like drug trade and human trafficking, are done under COVERT excuses.

Do you plan to carry out any such COVERT activity?

The following is an extract from The Gaurdian used for educational purposes.
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The dictionary definitions for COVERT are as follows:
1. Concealed; secret; disguised. (adjective)
2. Covered; sheltered. (adjective)
3. Law: (of a wife) under the protection of one’s husband. (adjective)
4. A covering; cover. (noun)
5. A shelter or hiding place. (noun)
6. Concealment or disguise. (noun)
7. Hunting: a thicket giving shelter to wild animals or game. (noun)
(The list of definitions is a little long.)

Mnemonic Tip to learn COVERT:
COVERT can be simple learned from one reference: it sounds like COVERED.
So in simple terms:

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