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Cruciverbalist(noun) refers to a person who loves to diddle with words. This word avoids a great irony by serving as a specific word for crossword creators. It would have been humiliating if the word creators themselves had no word for themselves and hence the word cruciverbalist saves them this abasement.

Pronunciation: kroo-suh-vur-buh-list

Meanings of Cruciverbalist

1. One who creates crossword puzzles or words.
2. An enthusiast of crossword puzzles or other word games.

Origin of Cruciverbalist

The word cruciverbalist has been coined by bridging together the French postfix ‘ist(e)’ which denotes ‘someone who is a part of an activity’ and the latin word ‘crux’ which means ‘cross’ using the word ‘verbum’ which means ‘word’ i.e ‘crux+verbum+ist’.
This word was coined in 1975 by a cruciverbalist!

Master’s Tip to Learn Cruciverbalist

There are people around us who pick up the newspaper everyday and solve crosswords, spellathons etc. such people are known as cruciverbalist. Solving word puzzles is a great hobby which helps improve your vocabulary which in this modern world will help you escalate. If you are exploring our website, you most likely are a cruciverbalist!

Sentence examples for Cruciverbalist:

1. *Word attack alert! Cruciverbalist ahead!*
2. One of the many words to describe Navjot Singh Sidhu would be: Cruciverbalist.
3. To test how good a cruciverbalist are you try some word games on the net.

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