Picture for CutThis word is closely related to crud, which refers to something that is contemptible or loathsome, it could also mean something that is disgusting or worthless. But crut generally is not that offensive as the word crud.
It can be used instead of the word “crap”.
Here’s a tip: Next time your parents are around and if something undesirable happens, and you want to express your anger say Crut instead of crap!! It will save you a lecture for using a “bad word”. (Just make sure your parents have not read this article, otherwise they’ll come complaining to my boss for giving you guys such tips!!)
Crut is like a nicer way of saying not-so-nice things.

Meaning of Crut:

1. Unpleasantness in general.

Sentence examples for Crut:

1. “Oh…shi…cra….crut! I didn’t get my test paper signed” said Ned.
2. Holy crut! I lost my cell phone.

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