Picture for CulminateThe word Culminate is a verb and it means to bring to the point of completion or the point of highest intensity. It originated around 1650 and has been derived from the Latin word culminates.

Pronunciation: kuhl-muh-neyt

Meanings of Culminate

1. To come to completion; to end
2. To reach the highest point or degree of; the climax
3. To bring to the point of greatest intensity or to completion

Master’s Tip to Learn Culminate

Culminate rhymes with terminate which also means to end. We can remember it as ‘kal’ (tomorrow in hindi) ‘terminate’. If something is to be terminated tomorrow then it has been brought to its climax or final stage.

Sentence examples for Culminate:

1. The giant fireworks display culminated the Fourth of July festivities.
2. Their disagreement culminated in a fight.
3. The ceremony culminated after two weeks of preparation.

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