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Mnemonic for CumulativeCumulative refers to increasing by successively adding. In financial terms it can also mean the interest that is added to the next payment if not paid on time.

Pronunciation: kyoo-myuh-luh-tiv

Meanings of Cumulative

1.increasing or growing by accumulation or successive additions: the cumulative effect of one rejectionafter another.
2.Of or relating to interest or a dividend that is added to the next payment if not paid when due.

Master’s Tip to Learn Cumulative

Cumulative simply means to add successively. We all have calculated the cumulative frequency during our school days in statistics. In that also we used to add all the terms. Also in colleges and universities the ranking of the students is generally based on their CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) in which consideration from all the semesters is taken. The best synonym for cumulative is accumulative.

Sentence examples for Cumulative

1. The cumulative effect of the harmful substances will have a dangerous effect on the future generations of this planet
2.The tech marvel has become one of the best after reaching cumulative sales of 110 million units.

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