Something more about ‘Dabble’

Mnemonic: Too many dabbas on the table
This is a cheeky mnemonic. Dabbas, meaning boxes in English, signify the number of options one has. If you have too many dabbas, oops I meant options; you would be confused for sure, wouldn’t you?
Dabble signifies to work in an irregular manner and in amateurish way. This is bound to happen if you pay attention to too many things rather than one.

Meanings of Dabble:

1. to play in water
2. to work in an irregular/amateurish manner
3. to splash water especially with hands
4. to feed on under-water vegetation

Pronunciation: dab-uh

picture and mnemonic for dabble

Sentence Examples for Dabble

1. Kanika’s brother dabbles in political associations as well.
2. She dabbled with the drugs during her college days.
3. The office was dabbled with laptops and computer accessories.

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