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Daily Current Affairs 20th February 2023: Your guide for daily General Knowledge Preparation

Dear Readers,

This post contains important current affairs of 20th February 2023. It includes all Major National, International, Business and Sports related current affairs of 20th February 2023. A brief explanation of every current affair is provided to further enhance your general knowledge. Once you have gone through these current affairs we would recommend to you to try 20th February 2023 Current affairs test.



1. India-Uzbekistan Biennial Military Exercise DUSTLIK 2023 Begins in Uttarakhand

  • The 4th iteration of the biennial military exercise titled Ex DUSTLIK 2023 has been initiated, with the participation of the Indian Army and the Uzbekistan Army, and will span from February 20 to March 5, 2023.
  • Ex DUSTLIK 2023 is primarily aimed at enhancing military proficiencies necessary for executing multi-domain operations in a Sub Conventional context.
  • Representing the Indian contingent in this exercise is the 14th Battalion of the GARHWAL RIFLES, affiliated with the Western Command.
  • Conversely, the North Western Military District’s troops are the representing force for the Uzbekistan Army.

Science & Technology

2. Significant Advancement in Chandrayaan-3, India’s Lunar Mission

  • Chandrayaan-3, India’s moon mission, has achieved a significant landmark by successfully completing the Electro-Magnetic Interference/Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMI-EMC) test.
  • This EMI-EMC examination is vital for satellite missions as it ensures the satellite’s subsystems operate optimally in space and are harmonized with projected electromagnetic levels.
  • The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) executed this test at the U R Rao Satellite Centre in Bengaluru, and the system performance met the required criteria.

Appointment and Resignation

3. C.P. Radhakrishnan Assumes Office as the Governor of Jharkhand

  • C.P. Radhakrishnan has taken the oath as the 11th governor of Jharkhand, with the Acting Chief Justice of the Jharkhand High Court, Justice Aparesh Kumar Singh, officiating the ceremony at Raj Bhavan’s Birsa Mandap.
  • He succeeds Ramesh Bais, who held the position of Jharkhand’s Governor since July 2021.
  • Previously, Radhakrishnan served as a two-term Member of Parliament hailing from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Appointment and Resignation

4. Recent Gubernatorial Appointments Across States

  • Several states have witnessed new gubernatorial appointments:
  • Governor of Arunachal Pradesh: Lt. General Kaiwalya Trivikram Parnaik
  • Governor of Sikkim: Lakshman Prasad Acharya
  • Governor of Jharkhand: C.P. Radhakrishnan
  • Governor of Himachal Pradesh: Shiv Pratap Shukla
  • Governor of Andhra Pradesh: S. Abdul Nazeer

National Affairs

5. Initiation of North India’s Premier Nuclear Power Plant in Gorakhpur, Haryana

    • Jitendra Singh, the Union Minister of State for Science and Technology, has unveiled plans for North India’s inaugural nuclear power facility in Gorakhpur, situated in Haryana’s Fatehabad district.
    • The power plant, spread across 560 hectares, aims to produce a cumulative capacity of 2800 MW.
  • The development is structured in two phases: the first phase is slated for completion by 2025, followed by the second phase’s culmination in 2028.
  • Post the final phase, the nuclear power facility will be in full swing, churning out 2800 MW of electric power.
  • The project is estimated to cost around Rs 20,594 crores.
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