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Daily Current Affairs 21st and 22nd April, 2024: Your guide for daily General Knowledge Preparation

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This post contains important current affairs of 21st and 22nd April, 2024. It includes all Major National, International, Business and Sports related current affairs of 21st and 22nd April, 2024. A brief explanation of every current affair is provided to further enhance your general knowledge. Once you have gone through these current affairs we would recommend to you to try 21st and 22nd April, 2024 Current affairs test.


National News

Celebration of 2550th Bhagwan Mahaveer Nirvan Mahotsav with Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was present at the inauguration of the 2550th Bhagwan Mahaveer Nirvan Mahotsav, held at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi, on the occasion of Mahaveer Jayanti. This significant event honored Bhagwan Mahaveer, the 24th Tirthankar, celebrating his principles of Ahimsa (Non-Violence), Satya (Truthfulness), Asteya (Non-Stealing), Brahmacharya (Chastity), and Aparigraha (Non-attachment). These teachings are a beacon for achieving peace and universal brotherhood.

Appointments News

MS Dhoni Joins Citroen India as Brand Ambassador

Citroen India has announced the appointment of former Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni as its brand ambassador. The French automotive brand, part of the Stellantis Group, aims to bolster its visibility and establish a strong identity in the Indian car market with Dhoni’s charismatic presence.

Sports News

Max Verstappen Secures First Victory at Chinese Grand Prix for Red Bull

Max Verstappen, racing for Red Bull, dominated the Chinese Grand Prix, marking his first win at this venue and solidifying his position in the 2024 World Championship. This race, the first Formula One event in China after a five-year hiatus, saw Verstappen lead from the beginning to the end.

Historic Win for Dommaraju Gukesh in FIDE Candidates Tournament

Dommaraju Gukesh, a 17-year-old Indian chess sensation, has set a new record as the youngest challenger for the World Chess Championship by winning the FIDE Candidates Tournament. Gukesh is also the first teenager ever to win this highly regarded competition.

Awards News

Pavuluri Subba Rao Receives Aryabhatta Award

The Aeronautical Society of India has awarded Pavuluri Subba Rao, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Ananth Technologies, the prestigious Aryabhatta Award. This accolade is in recognition of Rao’s significant contributions to the field of astronautics in India throughout his career.

Defence News

Indian Navy’s ‘Poorvi Leher’ Exercise Along East Coast

The Indian Navy recently carried out a comprehensive exercise named ‘Poorvi Leher’ along the East Coast. The exercise aimed to test the Navy’s operational readiness and evaluate its capability to handle various maritime security threats, involving an array of ships, submarines, aircraft, and special naval units.

Science and Technology News

Discovery of the Clouded Tiger Cat in Brazilian Rainforests

Researchers in Brazil have discovered a new species of wild cat called the clouded tiger cat (Leopardus pardinoides) in the country’s dense rainforests. This discovery has excited wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists, prompting increased efforts to protect the diverse wildlife of the area.

Important Days

54th International Mother Earth Day: Awareness Against Plastic Pollution

The 54th International Mother Earth Day will be observed on April 22nd, focusing on environmental sustainability and conservation. The theme for this year, “Planet vs. Plastics,” highlights the urgent need to combat plastic pollution as a way to protect health and the environment.


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