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Daily Current Affairs 25th November 2023: Your guide for daily General Knowledge Preparation

Dear Readers,

This post contains important current affairs of 25th November 2023. It includes all Major National, International, Business and Sports related current affairs of 25th November 2023. A brief explanation of every current affair is provided to further enhance your general knowledge. Once you have gone through these current affairs we would recommend to you to try 25th November 2023 Current affairs test.


National News

1. India’s Leadership in International Sugar Organisation:

  • In 2024, India will lead the International Sugar Organisation, reflecting its significant role as the world’s top sugar consumer and second-largest producer.
  • The chairmanship will enable India to spearhead sustainable practices in the global sugar industry.
  • Emphasis will be placed on eco-friendly sugarcane cultivation, sugar and ethanol production, and effective by-product use.

2. Afghanistan Shuts Down Embassy in India:

  • The Afghan embassy in New Delhi has been permanently shut down due to ongoing difficulties with the Indian government.
  • The closure is unrelated to internal strife or allegiance shifts to the Taliban.
  • Responsibility for the embassy’s future, including any transfer to Taliban diplomats, now rests with the Indian government.

3. Hornbill Festival 2023 in Nagaland:

  • From December 1 to 10, 2023, Nagaland will host the Hornbill Festival.
  • This 10-day event showcases Nagaland’s culture through vibrant costumes, music, and dance, drawing its name from the hornbill, a bird significant in Naga culture.
  • The festival’s popularity is evident from its 2022 attendance figures, which included over 140,000 visitors.

4. India-Nepal Joint Military Exercise SURYA KIRAN:

  • The 17th edition of SURYA KIRAN, a joint military exercise between India and Nepal, is scheduled in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand.
  • The exercise aims to bolster interoperability in jungle warfare, counter-terrorism in mountainous terrains, and disaster relief operations.
  • It will feature advanced training, including drone operations and environmental conservation.

5. Reappointment of Chandra Shekhar Ghosh at Bandhan Bank:

  • Bandhan Bank’s board has reappointed Chandra Shekhar Ghosh as MD & CEO for three more years, extending his term beyond July 2024.
  • Ghosh’s extensive experience in microfinance and banking has been pivotal in the bank’s growth.

6. Mastercard and U GRO Capital Partnership for MSMEs:

  • Mastercard and U GRO Capital have teamed up to support small businesses in India.
  • This collaboration aims to address the credit challenges faced by MSMEs, offering comprehensive digital supply chain financing solutions.

7. Warren Buffett’s Paytm Investment Exit:

  • Berkshire Hathaway, led by Warren Buffett, has sold its entire 2.46% stake in Paytm’s parent company, resulting in a loss of Rs 507 crore.
  • The sale occurred at an average price of Rs 877.2 per share, following a 3.23% drop in Paytm’s share value.

8. ADB’s $170 Million Loan to Transform Kochi’s Water Supply:

  • The Asian Development Bank has granted a $170 million loan to improve water services in Kochi, Kerala.
  • The project aims to enhance living standards and climate resilience by rehabilitating existing water treatment plants and building a new one.

9. International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women 2023:

  • November 25 is recognized globally to combat violence against women.
  • The 2023 theme focuses on investing in preventive measures against gender-based violence.

10. ‘AGNI’ Initiative for Ayurveda Practitioners:

  • The Ayurveda Gyan Naipunya Initiative, launched by CCRAS, encourages Ayurveda practitioners to share innovative medical practices.
  • It aims to enrich the educational and academic sectors with fresh Ayurvedic insights.

11. Anish Shah’s Upcoming Presidency at FICCI:

  • Anish Shah is set to become the President-Elect of FICCI.
  • With a rich background in business and academia, including a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon and roles at GE, Bank of America, Bain & Company, and Citibank, Shah is well-equipped for this leadership position.
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