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Daily Current Affairs 29th January 2024: Your guide for daily General Knowledge Preparation

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This post contains important current affairs of 29th January2024. It includes all Major National, International, Business and Sports related current affairs of 29th January2024. A brief explanation of every current affair is provided to further enhance your general knowledge. Once you have gone through these current affairs we would recommend to you to try 29th January2024 Current affairs test.


National News

1. Prime Minister Leads Celebrations of Supreme Court’s 75th Anniversary with Technological Innovations

  • In a significant event in Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Supreme Court of India. He introduced several technological initiatives, including the Digital Supreme Court Reports and a new bilingual website, which are in line with the 75th anniversary of the Indian Constitution.
  • Emphasizing the Supreme Court’s indispensable role in upholding the pillars of democracy, specifically the freedom of speech and the essence of justice, Modi’s speech highlighted the court’s contributions to India’s democratic fabric.

2. Extensive Infrastructure Development Announced by Prime Minister Modi in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh

  • In a major move to bolster infrastructure in Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister Modi announced the initiation of projects worth over Rs 19,100 crores in Bulandshahr.
  • These projects cover a wide range of sectors, notably transportation and urban development. The key features of this development include the construction of a 173 Km electrified double railway line and several road projects, collectively valued at over Rs 5000 crores, poised to significantly improve the region’s connectivity and economic growth.

International News

3. French President Macron’s Visit to India Fosters Stronger Bilateral Ties

  • The visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to India, spanning two days, served as a platform to fortify IndiaFrance strategic relations.
  • As the chief guest for the 75th Republic Day celebrations, Macron’s visit resulted in the signing of several bilateral agreements. These agreements, particularly in the realms of science and technology, involved collaborations between DST, India, and various French research institutes, marking a milestone in the IndoFrench partnership.

State News

4. Colorful and Aromatic 4th Rüsoma Orange Festival in Nagaland’s Kohima District

  • The 4th edition of the Rüsoma Orange Festival in Kohima district, Nagaland, was a grand celebration of the region’s orange cultivation.
  • The festival, attended by over 3400 people, showcased the best of organic agriculture and community entrepreneurship in the region. The event was a platform to support local orange farmers, promoting organic farming techniques and sustainable living practices, thus contributing to the local economy and community spirit.

Defence News

5. India and Saudi Arabia Launch First Joint Military Exercise ‘Sada Tanseeq’ in Rajasthan

  • Marking a significant step in military cooperation, India and Saudi Arabia commenced their first joint military exercise named ‘Sada Tanseeq’ in Rajasthan.
  • This historic event involved 45 personnel from each country and symbolized the deepening strategic relationship between the two nations. The exercise is seen as a key move in enhancing mutual military understanding and capabilities.

6. Nitish Kumar’s Ninth Term as Bihar’s Chief Minister Supported by BJP

  • In a notable political development, Nitish Kumar from the Janata DalUnited party was inaugurated as the Chief Minister of Bihar for his ninth term.
  • This event is particularly significant as it came with the support of the BJP, indicating a pivotal alliance in the state’s politics. This development is of great interest in the context of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, hinting at potential shifts in political dynamics.

Economy News

7. Union Budget 202425: A Strategic Focus on Economic Growth and Fiscal Consolidation

  • Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is set to present the Union Budget for the fiscal year 202425, with a strategic focus on spurring economic growth and achieving fiscal consolidation.
  • The budget aims for a fiscal deficit of 5.9% of GDP for the fiscal year 2024, with a plan to reduce it in the subsequent year. Special attention is likely to be given to key sectors such as infrastructure and defense, reflecting the government’s priorities in economic planning.

Business News

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8. IREDA’s Launch of Vigilance Journal ‘Pahal’ Highlights Commitment to Transparency

  • The Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) unveiled its vigilance journal, ‘Pahal’, on January 25, 2024.
  • This initiative underscores IREDA’s commitment to maintaining transparency in its operations. It also reflects the agency’s dedication to promoting renewable energy, marking a step forward in its efforts to foster sustainable energy practices.

Important Days News

9. Indian Newspaper Day 2024: A Tribute to the Legacy of Journalism

  • Indian Newspaper Day, observed on January 28th, commemorates the publication of India’s first printed newspaper, Hicky’s Bengal Gazette, in 1780.
  • This day is a celebration of the enduring importance of newspapers in democratic societies, acknowledging their role in shaping public opinion, providing information, and holding powers accountable. It’s a tribute to the legacy and the continuous evolution of journalism in India.

10. Celebrating the Legacy of Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa on His Birth Anniversary

  • India celebrated the birth anniversary of Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa on January 28, remembering his distinguished service as the first CommanderinChief of the Indian Army.
  • Cariappa’s contributions during India’s transition to independence are highly revered. His leadership qualities and his role in shaping the Indian Army postindependence are celebrated across the nation, reflecting on his legacy in the military history of India.

Schemes News

11. Launch of ‘Pradhanmantri Suryodaya Yojana’ by PM Modi for Solar Energy Empowerment

  • Prime Minister Modi announced the launch of the ‘Pradhanmantri Suryodaya Yojana’, an ambitious initiative aimed at boosting solar energy use across Indian households.
  • The scheme targets empowering 1 crore homes with solar energy, advancing the nation’s quest for energy independence. This initiative is a significant step in India’s journey towards sustainable energy solutions and reducing carbon footprints.

Ranks & Reports News

12. AISHE 202122 Report Reveals Surge in Higher Education Enrollments, Especially Among Women

  • The latest AISHE (All India Survey on Higher Education) 202122 report by the Ministry of Education revealed a significant increase in enrollments in higher education across India.
  • Notably, there was a marked rise in the number of female students pursuing science streams, indicating a positive trend in gender parity in higher education.

13. Jammu Kashmir’s Remarkable Achievement in Elderly Life Expectancy According to India Ageing Report 2023

  • The ‘INDIA AGEING REPORT 2023’ brought to light Jammu Kashmir’s outstanding performance in terms of life expectancy among the elderly population.
  • Coupled with low poverty rates among the elderly, these findings reflect strong social indicators and a high quality of life for the aged population in the region.

Agreements News

14. Historic IndiaFrance Defence Space Agreement Opens New Avenues for Collaboration

  • A significant agreement was reached between India and France concerning space defense cooperation.
  • This agreement is poised to open new avenues for collaboration, including the joint development of military satellites. This partnership is expected to enhance the bilateral defense capabilities of both nations, strengthening their strategic relationship.

Awards News

15. Filmfare Awards 2024 in Gujarat: A Grand Celebration of Indian Cinema

  • The 69th Filmfare Awards were held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, a grand event that celebrated the achievements of Indian cinema.
  • The event was a starstudded affair, featuring performances and appearances by renowned Bollywood personalities, recognizing the artistic and technical excellence in the Indian film industry.

Sports News

16. Netherlands Claims Victory in FIH Hockey5s Women’s World Cup; India Earns RunnerUp Status

  • In a notable achievement, India finished as the runnerup in the FIH Hockey 5s Women’s World Cup, with the Netherlands clinching the victory.
  • The tournament was a showcase of exceptional talent and competitive spirit from various participating countries.

17. Australian Open 2024: Celebrating the Victories of Sinner, Sabalenka, and Bopanna

  • The Australian Open 2024 witnessed remarkable victories with Jannik Sinner taking the men’s singles title and Aryna Sabalenka winning the women’s singles.
  • Indian tennis star Rohan Bopanna made a significant mark in the men’s doubles category, adding to the highlights of the tournament.

18. Tanmay Agarwal Sets New Record in Ranji Trophy with a Triumphant Triple Century

  • Tanmay Agarwal of the Hyderabad cricket team achieved a landmark in cricket by scoring an extraordinary 323 runs in a Ranji Trophy match.
  • This remarkable feat sets a new record and raises the bar for future cricketers in the prestigious tournament.

Science & Technology News

19. ISRO’s Milestone Achievement with the Successful Completion of POEM3 Mission

  • The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully completed its Payload Orbital Experiment for Microgravity (POEM3) mission, as part of the PSLVC58 mission.
  • This achievement demonstrates India’s advancing capabilities in space technology and research.

20. Upcoming Launch of INSAT3DS Satellite by ISRO to Enhance Weather Forecasting

  • ISRO is preparing for the imminent launch of the INSAT3DS satellite, a critical development in enhancing India’s weather forecasting and disaster management capabilities.
  • This launch represents a significant step in ISRO’s ongoing endeavors in space technology and its application in practical and beneficial ways for the nation.
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