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Daily Current Affairs 5th December 2023: Your guide for daily General Knowledge Preparation

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This post contains important current affairs of 5th December2023. It includes all Major National, International, Business and Sports related current affairs of 5th December2023. A brief explanation of every current affair is provided to further enhance your general knowledge. Once you have gone through these current affairs we would recommend to you to try 5th December2023 Current affairs test.


National News

1. Prime Minister Modi Announces Title Changes in Indian Navy

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the rebranding of titles in the Indian Navy to better reflect India’s heritage, moving away from colonial remnants.
  • This historic announcement was made at the Navy Day event at Maharashtra’s Sindhudurg Fort, highlighting a shift towards celebrating India’s Maratha heritage.
  • The PM emphasized that this change is part of a broader initiative to modernize the military’s legacy and align it more closely with India’s cultural history.

2. Launch of World’s First Mobile Hospital ‘Aarogya Maitri Cube’ in Gurugram

  • India introduced ‘Aarogya Maitri Cube,’ the world’s first mobile hospital, in Gurugram, under PM Modi’s “Project BHISHM.”
  • The facility includes 72 cubes equipped with medical and survival essentials, capable of handling various medical emergencies.
  • This innovative healthcare solution represents a significant advancement in disaster healthcare management.

State News

3. Inauguration of the ‘Hump WWII’ Museum in Arunachal Pradesh

  • Arunachal Pradesh inaugurated the ‘Hump WWII’ Museum in Pasighat, dedicated to the Allied forces’ airmen who flew over the challenging ‘Hump’ route during World War II.
  • The museum pays tribute to their efforts in navigating treacherous terrains and supporting the war effort.

4. Bihar’s Afforestation Initiatives Recognized at COP-28

  • Bihar’s afforestation efforts were internationally recognized at COP-28 in Dubai.
  • The state’s approach to environmental sustainability, including the introduction of a green budget, was highlighted.

Defence News

5. Indian Navy Receives Largest Survey Vessel, INS Sandhayak

  • The Indian Navy received its largest survey vessel, INS Sandhayak, from GRSE.
  • This 110-meter vessel is equipped for various tasks, including mapping and multi-role capabilities such as combat support and functioning as a hospital ship.

International News

6. China’s Tailored Approach to Financial Risk Management

  • China is adopting unique financial risk management policies for each province, led by Li Yunze of the National Financial Regulatory Administration.
  • This strategy aims to manage economic challenges, including those arising from Covid Zero policies and property market issues.

Business News

7. Bajaj Group Joins Elite Market Capitalization Club

  • The Bajaj Group has reached a market capitalization exceeding Rs.10 lakh crore, becoming the fifth Indian company to achieve this milestone.

8. Bharti Airtel’s Market Capitalization Milestone

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  • Bharti Airtel has attained a market capitalization of Rs.6 lakh crore, joining other major Indian companies in this financial bracket.

Important Days News

9. World Soil Day 2023 Observance

  • World Soil Day 2023, observed on December 5, focused on the crucial link between soil and water in global food production, emphasizing soil conservation for future sustainability.

10. International Volunteer Day 2023 Celebrated

  • International Volunteer Day 2023, celebrated on December 5, honored the impact of volunteers globally, with this year’s theme highlighting volunteerism’s role in achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

Agreements News

11. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank and Partnership

  • Ujjivan Small Finance Bank partnered with to provide loans for water and sanitation projects, aiming to improve facilities for 65,000 households in India over three years.

Awards News

12. Olympian M. Sreeshankar Awarded Jimmy George Foundation Award

  • M. Sreeshankar, an Olympian, received the 35th Jimmy George Foundation Award for being Kerala’s best sportsperson following his achievements in major games.

13. ISRO and Team Chandrayaan-3 Honored

  • ISRO and Team Chandrayaan-3 were awarded the “Outstanding Contribution to Brand India” at the 19th India Business Leader Awards for their successful lunar landing mission.

14. Para Archer Sheetal Devi Wins Best Youth Athlete

  • Para archer Sheetal Devi won the Best Youth Athlete at the fourth Asian Awards in Riyadh, recognized for her performance in the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Para Games and her world ranking.

Obituaries News

15. Passing of Actor Dinesh Phadnis

  • Actor Dinesh Phadnis, famous for his role in the TV show CID, passed away due to liver damage.

International News

16. ‘Rizz’ Selected as Oxford Word of the Year

  • Oxford University Press selected “Rizz” as the Word of the Year, a term popular among Generation Z, reflecting the evolving nature of language influenced by younger generations.
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