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Article Name: Can Wind and Solar Fuel Africa’s Future? With prices for renewables dropping, many countries in Africa
Author Name: Erica Gies
Source: Scientific American
Category: Environment

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Five Words to learn from this article

Threshold : Way in.
Unison: Simultaneously.
Aggressively: Energetic.
Momentum: Movement.
Vault: Curved.

Reading Suggestion-2

Article Name: Bookish fools
Author Name: Frank Furedi
Source: Aeon
Category: Neuroscience

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Five Words to learn from this article :

Embellish: Decorate.
Cuneiform: Denoting or relating to the wedge-shaped characters used in the ancient writing systems of Mesopotamia, Persia, and Ugarit, surviving mainly on clay tablets
Hieroglyphics: Code.
Decipher: Decrypt.

Reading Suggestion-3

Article Name: The Real Problem
Author Name: : Anil K Seth
Source: : Aeon
Category: Sociology

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Five Words to learn from this article:

Consciousness: Awareness.
Pragmatic: Practical.
Insights: Perception.
Encompass: Surround.

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