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Article Name: The lure of the exotic and esoteric
Author Name: NA
Source: The Hindu
Category: Science

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Five Words to learn from this article:

Exotic: Foreign.
Esoteric: Puzzling.
Enthuse: Motivate.
Paradigm: A typical example or pattern of something.
Endeavor: Venture.

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Spectrum fiasco: Overpricing fallout
Author Name: ET Edit
Source: The Economic Times
Category: Business

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Five Words to learn from this article :

Fiasco: Failure.
Fiscal: Relating to government revenue, especially taxes.
Auction: A public sale in which goods or property are sold to the highest bidder.
Unwarranted: Unjustified.
Thwart: Prevent (someone) from accomplishing something.

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Article Name: The pees and cues of cowbelt politics
Author Name: Jug Suraiya
Source: The Times of India
Category: Politics/Society

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Five Words to learn from this article :

Vigilante: A person who tries in an unofficial way to prevent crime.
Imbibe: Gain.
Bovine: Relating to or affecting cattle.
Indigenous: Native.
Elixir: Mixture.

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