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Article Name: Laws or comets?i>
Author Name: Walter Alvarez
Source: Aeon
Category: Science

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Five Words to learn from this article:

Panoramic: (Of a view or picture) with a wide view surrounding the observer; sweeping.
Glacier: Persistent body of dense ice that is constantly moving under its own weight; it forms where the accumulation of snow exceeds its ablation (melting and sublimation) over many years, often centuries.
Regime: A government, especially an authoritarian one.
Extraterrestrial: Of or from outside the earth or its atmosphere.
Lineage: Direct descent from an ancestor; ancestry or pedigree.

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Article Name:Crimes of the futurei>
Author Name: Sidney Perkowitz
Source: Aeon
Category: Technology

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Five Words to learn from this article:

Elusive: Difficult to find, catch, or achieve.
Reconciliation: Extremely serious or urgent.
Enticing: Attractive or tempting; alluring.
Truism: A statement that is obviously true and says nothing new or interesting.
Resentment: Bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.

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Article Name: A Book by Its Cover
Author Name: Megan Rosenbloom
Source: Lapham’s Quarterly
Category:Art, Culture, & Literature

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Five Words to learn from this article:

Repurpose: Adapt for use in a different purpose.
Weave: Twist and turn from side to side while moving somewhere in order to avoid obstructions.
Deism: Belief in the existence of a supreme being, specifically of a creator who does not intervene in the universe.
Proliferate: Increase rapidly in number; multiply.
Aristocracy: The highest class in certain societies, typically comprising people of noble birth holding hereditary titles and offices.

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