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Article Title: Oh, the joys of discovering retired life!


Article Summary

In this article the author has contrasted his life before and after retirement and has narrated how his life has changed post retirement. In this article he highlights the joys of discovering retired life. The article starts on the note that almost all human beings dread retirement from regular work, especially those retiring from high official and corporate perches.In his case he says that the biggest impact is on his wife. As he would be at the home all day, It would curb her freedom; it would invadeher privacy and her lifestyle is exposed, and what on earth can be more upsetting.

On the other hand, the person who has retired tends to feel alone — and lonesome.A person tends to feel lost — lost in your own memories that now seem your only valuable possession. The final part of the article highlights the upside of being retired.A person is now liberated, freed from the slavery and drudgerythat your body and mind had got so much used to. No more late nights with files on the lap, no four-hour sleep, no heaviness of the head, no weekend work, no skipping of morning walks, no regimentation – no nothing! The author concludes his own experience by saying that the day, the time is mine, and mine alone. I feel blessed

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Words to learn from this Article:

Rigmarole: a lengthy and complicated procedure.
Ubiquitous: present, appearing, or found everywhere.
Primeval: of the earliest time in history. Incessant: continuing without pause or interruption. Espy: catch sight of
Gratuitously: free of charge.
Inexorable: impossible to stop or prevent.
Sadistic: deriving pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.

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