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Article Title: The Media’s Dumb Avocado Hysteria


Article Summary

In this article, the author talks about the hoax Avocado shortage news that went viral in the backdrop of US-Mexico border closing. The news of Avocado shortage spurred Americans into hysteria who were worried about giving their favourite fruit a miss in their diet. Adding to that, were various vendors across the US who went on air stating how sale of Avocados will drop drastically as most get supplies from Mexico. Shutting down the border is bound to have some serious consequences for the American people as they will witness price rise of commodities that were previously sold cheap. Stock market is also expected to take a hit – but that doesn’t seem to concern Americans much as Avocado does. The author confesses to being part of spreading this hoax news but in his defense states that such a piece is required to stir up the nation towards matters of national importance which they otherwise feel indifferent to. But it also comes at a risk of trivialising the issue as many fail to grasp the underlying motive behind the piece with some even taking this opportunity to downplay the severity of the issue. While people can certainly do without Avocados, they certainly should not put up with issues such as border closing which affects them more than it does anybody else.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Hysteria: Excessive or uncontrollable fear
Emigrate: Leave one’s country of residence for a new one
Guffaw: A burst of deep loud hearty laughter
Elate: Fill with high spirits; fill with optimism

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