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Article Title: I did Veganuary, and now I’m staying vegan. Here’s what I’ve learned so far


Article Summary


In this article, the author talks about him turning vegan and demystifies some noise related to veganism. His previous experience with a vegan diet was distasteful but he discovered that there is a lot more to vegan cuisine and considers mislabelling by manufacturers to be the cause of misinformation about vegan food. He noticed that many restaurants offering vegan food are an indication of the demand it has in the market. While the author received a lot of resentment on social media from traditional farmers, he says that ethical and environmentally friendly eating is necessary and that we must help farmers take steps in the direction of higher animal welfare and environmental standards. The author thinks it is necessary to make a distinction between good and bad farmers and labelling their products correctly showing conditions in which the animals are reared would help good farmers. Such good farmers must unite and develop a brand so consumers will choose their high-grade meat over factory-farmed rubbish. While there are proponents of extreme ideals on the vegan side as well, the author prefers to draw his own lines in the sand.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Hedgerows: A fence formed by a row of closely planted shrubs or bushes
Reared: Provide for and care for during childhood
Bemoaning: Regret strongly
Berating: Censure severely or angrily
Belittling: Tending to diminish or disparage

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