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Article Title: There Are Two Types of Airport People


Article Summary

The article at hand tries to explore the psychological, and not just superficial, differences between people who arrive hours early and people who arrive in the nick of time for flights. The author notices people of both types abound in her personal life, and begins her search unable to pass by the stark, consequential differences between both groups. She finds that late-comers are driven by the thrill of the near-miss of the flight, and of winning victory from dire situations. They get an adrenaline rush, but that often contributes to self-harm, being a stopgap solution for avoiding unpleasant situations and leading to potentially more troublesome situations(like missing the flight). However, the bottom-line is that neither the latecomers nor the early birds can understand and should judge each other – both just have different means of coping with uncertainty and anxiety, one is over-ready for it and the other deliberately under-prepared. The under-preparedness gives the person the adrenaline and distraction they need for coping with the stress of an anxiety-inducing event like air travel, and they should not be looked down as clumsy for it, especially by people who do not understand where they are coming from.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Sprint: a brisk, steady walk.
Preternaturally: beyond natural or expected.
Tardy: sloppy and inefficient.
Curb: the raised, stony boundary to a pedestrian pathway.
Chronically: enduringly, over long times.

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