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Article Title: Bridging the many interpretations of the Ramayana across Southeast Asia and India


Article Summary

If there is one line that sums up this article, it is the last line in the passage: These local innovations are further evidence of a long rupture in cultural connection between India and Southeast Asia, one that the current Indian government is determined to rectify.

The author of the passage (a famous historian who writes extensively on the subject of mythology) does a wonderful job of narrating the relationship between Ramayana and Southeast Asia. He illustrates how India is connected to the rest of the countries in the region by this tale, which has travelled to different nations and taken up different forms. Remember, his purpose in the passage is just to highlight these relationships and he does not intent any negative portrayal.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Murals: A painting that is applied to a wall surface
Proclaimed: Declared publicly; made widely known
Compelled: Force somebody to do something
Piety: Righteousness by virtue of being pious
Serene: Not agitated; without losing self-possession

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