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Article Title: Why footwear has far more to do with identity and expression than mere function


Article Summary

The main idea communicated in this interesting article is: why footwear has far more to do with identity and expression than mere function. It starts by mentioning Christian Louboutin, who introduced his legendary red soles in 1993, the eye-catching bottoms have been a signifier of wealth and success.While most people think of shoes as being primarily utilitarian, a case could be made that the human foot is perfectly designed to walking and running on almost any terrain without protection. In fact, footwear has far more to do with identity and expression than mere function are greatly underestimated for their impact on culture, politics and economics, while being greatly overestimated for their utility.

The article mentions many examples like, the running shoe which began as a symbol of wealth and power. As a result of the brand association, Nike Jordans are linked to a sense of accomplishment – not just in basketball skill.The article has also compared ManoloBlahnik shoes and Louboutins. The conclusion is that the primary function of shoes, whether sneakers, stilettos or even Crocs, isn’t about their practicality; it’s about identity, about communicating who we are to the world around us.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Covet: yearn to possess (something, especially something belonging to another).
Ubiquitous: present, appearing, or found everywhere.
Atrophy: of body tissue or an organ) waste away, especially as a result of the degeneration of cells, or become vestigial during evolution.
Putrid: decaying or rotting and emitting a fetid smell.
Innate: inborn; natural.
Ludicrous: so foolish, unreasonable, or out of place as to be amusing.

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