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Article Name: The be all and end all
Author Name: Christopher Harding
Source: The Aeon
Category: Philosophy

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Five Words to learn from this article:

Blur: Hazzy.
Hyperactive: Extremely Active.
Hospice: A home providing care for the sick or terminally ill.
Implicit: Indirect.
Nuanced: Fine distinction.

Reading Suggestion-2

Article Name : Getting things moving
Author Name: Brian Clegg
Source: The Aeon
Category: Technology

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Five Words to learn from this article :

Gloaming : Dusk.
Clatter: Rattle.
Silhouette: Outline.
Gait: Walk.
Prosecution: The institution and conducting of legal proceedings against someone in respect of a criminal charge.

Reading Suggestion-3

Article Name: White evangelicals are playing the long game. This is the result they wanted
Author Name: Hollis Phelps
Source: The Gaurdian
Category: Politics

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Five Words to learn from this article :

Demographic: Relating to population structure.
Evangelicals: A member of the evangelical tradition in the Christian Church.
Unwavering: Steady.
Xenophobia: Racisim.
Misogyny: Dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.

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