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Article Name: Ensure you get lucky
Author Name: Swami Kriyananda
Source: The Economic Times
Category: Spirituality

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Five Words to learn from this article:

Sophomore: A second-year university or high-school student.
Append: Add (something) to the end of a written document.
Subtle: Making use of clever and indirect methods to achieve something.
Divine: Of or like God or a god.
Dynamic: (Of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.

Reading Suggestion-2

Article Name: Promote India’s rich literary traditions, by all means but not at the cost of English
Author Name:
Source: Hindustan Times
Category: Politics/Society

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Five Words to learn from this article:

Proficiency: A high degree of skill; expertise.
Proliferate: Increase rapidly in number; multiply.
Notch: Score or achieve (something).
Derisive: Expressing contempt or ridicule.
Dialect: A particular form of a language which is peculiar to a specific region or social group.

Reading Suggestion-3

Article Name: No proof required: Big bang or Big thud?
Author Name: Surjit S Bhalla
Source: The Indian Express
Category: Economy

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Five Words to learn from this article:

Discretionary: Available for use at the discretion of the user.
Exposition: A comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or theory.
Inevitable: Certain to happen; unavoidable.
Inflation: A general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.
Indelible: (Of ink or a pen) making marks that cannot be removed.

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