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Article Name: When Public Goes Private, as Trump Wants: What Happens?
Author Name: Diane Ravitch
Source: The NewYork Review Of Books
Category: Sociology

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Five Words to learn from this article:

Venture: a risky or daring journey or undertaking.
Bureau: Agency.
Unbeknownst: without the knowledge of (someone).
Disguise: Conceal.
Decry: Condemn.

Reading Suggestion-2

Article Name : The New Book of Snobs by DJ Taylor review – what is the new snobbery?
Author Name: Bee Wilson
Source: The Gaurdian
Category:Art,Culture and Literature

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Five Words to learn from this article :

Snobs: A person who believes that their tastes in a particular area are superior to those of other people.
Panoply: Array.
Smacks: Blow.
Anatomises: Examine and analyse in detail.

Reading Suggestion-3

Article Name : On vagueness, or, when is a heap of sand not a heap of sand?
Author Name: Timothy Williamson
Source: The Aeon
Category: Philosophy

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Five Words to learn from this article :

Vague: Ambiguous.
Precise: Accurate.
Interventions: Involvement.
Trivial: Unimportant.
Subtleties: Precision.

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