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Article Name: The Case Against Cats
Author Name: Colin Dickey
Source: LA Book Review
Category: Book Review/Sociology

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Five Words to learn from this article:

Hoard: A secret store of valuables or money
Catchphrase: A phrase that has become a catchword
Ubiquitous: Being present everywhere at once
Inevitably: Cannot be avoided
Feral: Wild and menacing

Reading Suggestion-2

Article Name: How to raise a genius
Author Name: Tom Clynes
Source: Nature
Category: Science

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Five Words to learn from this article:

Leapfrogged: Jump across
Psychometrics: Any branch of psychology concerned with psychological measurements
Cognition: The psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning
Precocious: Characterized by or characteristic of exceptionally early development or maturity (especially in mental aptitude)
Nurture: Help develop, help grow

Reading Suggestion-3

Article Name: Are we wearing out obscenities?
Author Name: Brian Bethune
Source: Maclean’s
Category: Sociology

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Five Words to learn from this article:

Obscenities: The trait of behaving in an obscene manner
Profoundly: To a great psychological depth
Neurolinguistics: The branch of linguistics that studies the relation between language and the structure and function of the nervous system
Sturdy: Having rugged physical strength; inured to fatigue or hardships
Mind-boggling: Intellectually or emotionally overwhelming

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