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Article Name: Make Kashmir Pakistan’s Problem, not ours
Author Name: Jug Suraiya
Source: Time of India
Category: Politics

Summary for this article:

The author uses an analogy to give the solution on the Kashmir issue which he knows is impractical. He relates Kashmir – or at least some elements being minority are like a problem child and India, mother of that child. It is like a mother who first prevents her child from putting his fingers in the fire to know how the fire feels. When the child keeps on insisting, then she allows him to put his fingers in the fire, so that he knows that the fire burns his fingers and he never repeats this act, India should allow Pakistan to take Kashmir, after which the so-called problem creating minority will know that Pakistan can’t handle Kashmir.

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Article Name: Science diplomacy is more vital than ever
Author Name: M.V. Ramana Suvrat Raju
Source: The Hindu
Category: Science

Summary for this article:

What’s the world’s stand when it comes to nuclear energy? We have been pushing towards solar energy; power generation through other natural resources like fossil fuels, moving water, wind and biomass but why are we not relying upon the nuclear reactors? The writer in this article speaks about the losses the countries have been facing as a result of the debt they had incurred from their reactor business and what are the consequences of giving a green signal to nuclear energy.
With the world’s largest builder of Nuclear reactor going bankrupt and the French company Areva facing the same situation, are we to re think about the nuclear power generation that the Indian government is still favouring? Even the Swiss has voted to move out of the nuclear power. The French and the Korean presidents have vowed to mitigate the nuclear energy production in their countries.
Hence an evaluation is definitely the need of the hour. The writer goes ahead stating the dark side of the nuclear reactors and the nuclear energy – Firstly It isn’t cheap; secondly the nuclear reactors produce radioactive elements which are an unavoidable environmental problem.
The author concludes by saying, the government’s claim that it is leading to sustainable development with the production of nuclear energy definitely fails due to the above-mentioned reasons.

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Reading Suggestion-3

Article Name: Losing steam
Author Name: C.P. Chandrasekhar
Source: Frontline
Category: Technology and Economy

Summary for this article:

India’s 150-billion IT industry which is a source of mass employment and revenue generation is currently in a gloomy situation.
Some features that make the IT model vulnerable to changes in circumstances include, the high degree of dependence on exports for growth from the US and the European Union; software services and ITeS accounted for an overwhelming share of revenues; the end result depended on the blend of offshore delivery with the provision of local services that are revolved to meet the client expectations. Finally, a few firms like the TCS, Wipro and Infosys account for a very large share of the industry’s revenues.
With the global crisis of 2007-2008 already setting huge challenges for the industry; the absence of any robust recovery since 2008 has set off protectionist tendencies in the U.S.Then adding to the list of challenges comes the uncertainty surrounding offshoring.
Finally adding to the above causes comes India’s performance as a hardware producer which has been a dismal resulting in the country counting in for large amounts of imports whose finances have been largely driven by the IT and ITes sector

Words to learn from this article:

Lopsided: not even

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