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Article Name: The crisis of expertise
Author Name: Tom Nichols
Source: Aeon
Category: Social psychology

Summary for this article:

The author gives two examples to highlight that the experts always go wrong. Their errors can range from mild embarrassment to large catastrophe. Still, they ask people to take expert guidance. In this case of error, they justify by saying that the certifications and accreditations are enough to set standards. But, on an international level, there is no such guarantee.

How do experts go wrong? The author gave examples for different types of expert failure. The most common failures are the failures of science. Sometimes, experts extend their expertise form one area to another.

The rarest but the most dangerous form is when experts intentionally falsify their results.
One of the most common errors of the experts is to assume that, because they are smarter than most people about certain things, they are smarter than everyone about everything.

Unfortunately, very few accept that they don’t know. Experts are not good at prediction, because science is about explanation not prediction. Laypeople should not judge the experts on the basis of predictions. And laypeople should educate themselves by knowing the difference between a fraud and a failure.

Words to learn from this article:

Derided: To ridicule someone
Unassailable: In such a strong position which makes defeat impossible; not able to be doubted,questioned or attacked
Precocious: Showing signs of early development
Emeritus: Retired from the professional life but granted an honorary title of the last held rankirvoyant – able to peeceive Things beyond the range of ordinary perception(adj.)
Malfeasance: An illegal activity or a wrongdoing by a public official
Ferret: A persistent searcher
Bravura: Very skillful
Dilettantes: Someone whose interest in a particular subject is not too serious or deep
Epistemic: Involving conscious intellectual activity
Unbridled: Not restrained or controlled
Hedgehog: A spiny mammal that is primarily nocturnal
Wrestled: To engage in deep thought,consideration, or debate
Chicanery: Trick someone into believing something which is not true

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Reading Suggestion-2

Article Name: What is the technical debt and why is British airways up to its neck in it?
Author Name: Enrique Dans
Source: Medium
Category: Technology

Summary for this article:

British Airways faced technical debt when its computer systems crashed in the both the London airports. This happened due to the lack of importance given to the underlying technological systems in BA. There are many such firms who are still using the outdated technologies which are vulnerable to technical debt.

In the present times, with the digital transformation playing a crucial role it becomes difficult to build on the outdated legacy systems. Finally the author concludes saying,

“Debts, one way or another, always end up being paid …”

Words to learn from this article:

Technical debt- a euphemism to describe the poor software development or deployment of hardware, with no software updates, poor maintenance. All of these can be due to the constraints on the budgets of the companies.

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Reading Suggestion-3

Article Name: The Business side of Brexit
Author Name: Rain Newton-Smith
Source: Project Syndicate
Category: Business and Economy

Summary for this article:

The recent general voting related to Brexit has raised questions whether the economy can withstand the actual Brexit aftermath, Bank of England’s sudden actions helped in calming the financial markets and keeps the credit flowing.
The big change in financial markets was the steep decline in the value of the pound resulting in undermining the customer spending engine and increasing the exporters’ competitiveness.
Also, these macroeconomic problems will be insignificant in front of the problems arising from the Brexit negotiations.
The business houses should focus on broadening their businesses instead of pondering on the upcoming uncertain problems from the Brexit. The one of the biggest challenges is related to people. The skills and talents of the workforce drives the engine of the companies, so in order to power the engine, UK needs a new evidence based immigration system and fast so that people know the criteria for entry.
Another decision is to ensure that the companies on both sides of the English Channel can do the business with an agreement on regulatory issues. Whatever is the political case for delaying the negotiations, it should not give less importance to the economic case.

Words to learn from this article:

Resilien: Something that is strong and is able to recover quickly from damage

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