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Article Name: There is no sharp distinction between a cult and a religion
Author Name: Tara Isabella Burton
Source: Aeon
Category: Religion and Society

Summary for this article:

What is a cult? And how is it different from a religion, if it is different at all?

The author in this article goes ahead in saying how there are flaws in our understanding and our distinction between a cult and a religion.

He talks about the cult upsurge and how the atrocities during this period, be it in the form of mass murdering or any human torturing in the name of sacrifice and religion fulfilment brought rise to the anti-cult and the counter-cult organisations.

The author then goes ahead in explaining how cults are no different from religion and how we are getting it wrong from a sociology perspective. Cults are essentially religions, even though they might start on occasions as anti-religions or against some particular religions.

Cults don’t come out of nowhere; they fill a vacuum, for individuals, and for society at large

The author ends by saying,
“Today’s cults might be secular, or they might be theistic. But they arise from the same place of need, and from the failure of other, more ‘mainstream’ cultural institutions to fill it. If God did not exist, as Voltaire said, we would have to invent him. The same is true for cults.”

Words to learn from this article:

Cult(noun): an excessive admiration towards something
Venerate(verb): regard with great respect
Vehement(adjective): strong feeling or forceful, passionate
Charisma(noun): compelling attractiveness that can trigger devotion in others
Ostensibly(adverb): apparently
Ecstasy(noun): great happiness or joyful excitement
Burgeon(Verb): Begin to flourish
Insular(adjective): not interested outside one’s opinions/views
Fervent(adjective): intense
Hysteria(noun): irrationality
Lurid: bright
Promulgate: broadcast

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Article Name: India faces a fatal rise in heat waves
Author Name: Scott Waldman
Source: Scientific American
Category: Science

Summary for this article:

A few degrees of warming over the coming decades could trigger a series of extreme and fatal heat waves in India. So, indeed the global temperature rise is a very serious and an important issue. A slight rise in the temperature could have catastrophic results.

In recent years, the number of deaths has skyrocketed as a result of extreme heat on the subcontinent, according to a new study

Hence if all the countries adhere to the Paris Agreement, then a small reduction is expected in the global temperatures, will make a huge difference.

But, Trump admits that it will have a tiny impact on the global warming. So, by pulling out America from the Paris Climate accord, Trump has simply chose to ignore the scientific findings .

Instead of helping the developing nations in this mission, the trump administration has chosen to stay away from the entire pact – indeed a terrible US diplomacy.

Words to learn from this article:

Subtle(adjective): delicate and precise
Grim(Adjective): Very Gloomy
On the heels of(phrase): following closely after
Specter(noun): ghost
Pummel(verb): strike repeatedly with the fists
Uptick(noun): a small increase or a slight upward trend

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Reading Suggestion-3

Article Name: Why is it becoming impossible to stop the terrorists?
Author Name: Robert Verkaik
Source: The Guardian
Category: Politics

Summary for this article:

Three terror attacks in three months have left the British security services desperately searching for ways to prevent another atrocity from being committed in our streets. The attackers in each case was born or raised in Britain and radicalised in very different ways.

The writer further talks about the importance of the British security personnel and the Police officials to take extra cautious steps to stop the extremists from carrying out attacks, and not waiting for such an extremist to act, in order to prove that he is a terrorist, as has been happening.

Words to learn from this article:

Warped(Verb): Strange or distort
Radical(adjective): affecting fundamental nature of something
Covenant(noun): agreement
Cleric(noun): a priest or religious leader
beguile(verb): charm
bust(verb): escape
deportation(noun): expulsion

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